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  • private tours possible

  • customizable itinerary

  • short and multi-day tours

We offer a variety of pre-designed exciting desert tours, which take you to the best, most beautiful, and historically valuable spots in Wadi Rum, which we have selected for you with our many years of experience guiding tourists.

These include not only conventional jeep tours but also camel treks, mountain hikes and desert treks as well as combined tours with different mixed activities and experiences.

Of course, we are also happy to customize any tour to your liking. We have English-speakinglocal Bedouin guids, and most of our tours are private.

On many of our longer tours, we visit a local Bedouin tent,  where we will drink tea prepared over the fire, and get to see and listen to a very traditional Bedouin instrument called rababa.



Sit on the back of a comfortable jeep with benches and even sunshades installed, and enjoy the breeze and magnificent desert views all around. 

Moreover, jeep tours are the perfect choice if you only have limited time in Wadi Rum, as it takes you around the vast desert quickly and hence allow you to visit many spread-apart sites in a short time, including those far away from the village. 



Looking for an extraordinary experience? Travel through the desert like the Bedouins used to do in ancient times. You will ride across different coloured sand, through canyons, and over huge dunes. In between, we stop at various points of interest including historic sites like ancient water holes and inscriptions, as well as rock arches that you can scramble up. We also stop at secluded picturesque spots for lunch.



We drive you to one of the bigger mountains (Burdah, Umm Addami, or Al Hash), ranging from flat ascending to scrambling with hands. From the top of all mountains, you will enjoy a wide view of the desert. We also stop at a few places on the way there and back. 

We also offer desert trekking entirely on foot through canyons, over sand dunes and rocks.




Can't decide between hike and camel? Or maybe better go by jeep? No worries, we have the perfect solution for you!

We offer a variety of tours which include jeep, camel, and hike all in one package! This way, you get to experience a bit of everything Wadi Rum has to offer and have a much more complete and wholesome experience.

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