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Find New Adventures with

Magical Desert Dreams

Get immersed into a different time and space!

serenity and timelessness of the desert

breathtaking natural beauty of towering mountains, sand dunes, canyons

Bedouin camp with traditional food cooked under the ground and music on the oud

camel, jeep, and hike tours



Relax, let your mind wander off, and come to peace with yourself while overlooking the most beautiful natural environment of sand dunes, rocks, and mountains of different colours and shades. Especially in the evening, the colours the sun casts on the mountains will leave you speechless. At night, admire the stars or the moon before a silhouette of dark mountains while sitting around the fire.



There are various ways you can explore the Wadi Rum desert. The fastest way to see as many places as possible in a shorter timeframe is the jeep. If you are looking for a more special and meaningful experience, you should do a camel trek. Here, you will travel like the ancient Bedouins, riding your camel across huge sand dunes, through canyons, over both ride and white sand, while stopping at various spots in between.



It is always nice to also get to walk and scramble around on your own feet. That is why all of our tours include (more or less as you like) walking and/ or scrambling at the different sites we take you to. You will scramble up rock arches, climb up sand dunes which you can then run and jump down again, walk through narrow sandy canyons, or even hike up one of the higher mountains of Wadi Rum desert.



We are also eager to share our Bedouin culture with you and will tell you about both ancient and modern Bedouin life. During many evenings we play traditional music on the oud and sing for you, and occasionally we even do some dancing. You will also get to see ancient inscriptions.

Of course, you will also get to eat our traditional Bedouin food, which is cooked under the ground.



Admire towering mountains, rock arches, canyons, and countless spectacular sandstone rock formations which have been formed over millions of years. From overhangs to huge flat rocks that look like they were smoothly cut by a giant knife, to rocks shaped like a mushroom, Wadi Rum has it all and even more! 

Enjoy sand dunes, desert trees, different coloured sand, and picturesque views that look like they come right out of a storybook...  


We have a traditional Bedouin camp where you can choose to spend the night in comfortable private tents. We prepare Bedouin food, cooked under the ground. In the evenings we sit around the fire, share stories, play music on the oud, and watch the stars.

Read more about our camp


Bedouin Food


communal tent

superb location




have lunch cooked for you over the fire out in the desert


Relax in the shade of the rocks enjoying a picturesque view

Taste real Bedouin food cooked under the ground for dinner

share conversations around the fire in the evening

climb up some nearby rocks or dunes to watch a beautiful desert sunset

Ride on a camel into the sunset


Come and enjoy the beauty of the Wadi Rum desert. Get  away from the stress and routine of everyday life, and cool down your mind.
Especially our "Sleep under the Stars" experiences, "Camel Treks" and generally the longer multi-day tours will give you a sense of timelessness and get you to experience a sense of the serenity and tranquility of the desert.

If this sounds great to you, don't hesitate, and let us take you an unforgettable adventure in Wadi Rum desert! Our TOURS 

Can I charge my phone at the camp?
Yes, we have solar-powered sockets available.

Should I choose a jeep or camel tour?
If you want to visit as many sites as possible, choose the jeep tour, as the jeep moves you around the desert quickly and you can also reach faraway sites. If you want the extraordinary experience of traveling through the desert by camel, then our camel treks are right for you. Although you will visit fewer sites in the same time, sitting on top of the camel while enjoying spectacular desert views and the feeling of traveling like the Bedouins used to do in the old days is certainly an unforgettable experience in itself!
If you are still not sure what you prefer, don't worry, we even have mixed jeep and camel tours designed for you!

Will there be other people joining our tour?
Although we cannot guarantee, most of our tours are private, i.e. only you and your guide.

Do I need to bring my own water?
No, cold bottled water is included all throughout the tour.


Can I change some of the sites in the pre-designed tours or add an additional overnight stay?
Yes. Although we have carefullyl designed our tours and selected the best spots for you, if you would like to interchange some sites, we are happy to accommodate your request. You can add as many nights at the camp or out in the desert as you wish. It is also possible to add nights to short tours, e.g. the 2 or 3h tour.

Can I include sunset viewing on a short tour?
Yes, in this case we will start the tour in the afternoon, time depending on season.

Will it be too hot in summer for hiking?
The longer desert treks might get difficult during summer, however, short hikes included in most of our tours are no problem. If you plan to do a mountain hike (e.g. Umm Addami, Burdah, Al Hash) we can do them early in the morning  while it's still cool.

Can we be picked from Wadi Musa (Petra)?

Yes, we can organize for transport from Wadi Musa, Aqaba, Amman or anywhere else in Jordan without taking commision.


our long experience with tourists helped us select  the best spots

middle sized camp ensuring a personal experience

customizable, flexible, and  mostly private tours

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